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"Who I Am"-Virtual Instagram Concert 07.25.20

The "Who I Am" Virtual Live Instagram stream was a successful show case. The show was a celebratory event dedicating the live to Jesse Vega's 1 year anniversary of his album "Who I Am". The album, produced by Hip/Hop Rap producer Cool-Breeze amongst other producers became a successful show. The live-stream gained a miraculous 176 viewers!! that a huge leap from the last 2 lives Jesse has put with a jump of 112 extra fans from 63 views in May.

The show started off with his signature opening of the album "Keep Watching Me"/Remix. Into his lead single and LDM Pop nominated single "He'll Never Be Me". On top of his regular songs he performs from the album he also decided to perform new material like the Rap/Hip Hop record DJ SPAZ Produced "Get Swag" & the Maverick Produced "Turn The Lights Down".

The show not only honored the album but it was also the weekend of his favorite pop diva artist "Jennifer Lopez". J.Lo birthday was the weekend of the 24 and Jesse performed 2 numbers to give love to the queen. Hits like "Get Right"-"Its My Party Tour" and closing the Live with 'Waiting For Tonight/Walking On Sunshine"-Puerto Rico 2001 live.

Watch the stream here:

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