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The Ladies Room(Short-Film) hits 10K views on Youtube

After Jesse Vega has announced he will be working on a tell-all Documentary interview of his 10 year career in Films/Tv series producing and more. On Jan 16,2023 titled "Act 1:A Decade Of Roles". The achievements in his acting career has gotten bigger and better. Recently, on November 20,2022 his first ever short-film "Checkout" produced under StarFlower Media has made its 10th anniversary. Now, just in time for Thanksgiving weekend another milestone has just hit. "The Ladies Room" which was his follow up short film after "Checkout" has become the fastest and most viewed short-film for 10 years!! Now, it's has hit 10K views.

The Film, released on December 17,2012 produced/directed by Melissa Huyter. Tells a story about a young female student whom gets her period and ask for a tampon to the lady in the next bathroom stall. To find out the person was a cross dresser played by Jesse Vega. The comedy film became a fan favorite and weeks before its 10th anniversary we're celebrating 10K views!!

Watch "The Ladies Room"

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