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The Crooked Mind Film Delay!!

Everyone has been patiently waiting for the release of "The Crooked Mind". Unfortunately, due to some technical issues with hackers trying to leak the film there a slight halt. Here is what "The Crooked Mind" Facebook Page has Annouced 

Due to an unforeseen circumstance by one of our partners, the film release date has altered to mid September.

Q & A:

1:Why is this happening?

One of the companies handling distribution was in charge of encoding and handling SRT files for the film. Which are mandatory for several outlets such as iTunes, Amazon, and Netflix...which they failed to do. They tried using an old method of "Hard-Subbing" to meet deadlines but iTunes denied them.

2: Why are you not mentioning the company's name?

We will not stoop to that level of deterioate anyone's credentials.

3: Can anyone receive the DVD ahead of time?

No because that is how leaking begins. The only one who has seen the film are the aggregators of these film platforms. Even the music album for the film has to wait...which is unfair to the matter of's unfair to everyone.

4: Who can we report and vent to?

Honestly, no one...we would love to post the email and number of manager of that company who caused this but it would not be right. It would not help to make things move faster.

5: Will the film lose their contrbutors and support?

Not at? Prodigy6 did the film work during the time shooting was going on. Supporters and contributors were there and still are here. 

6: When is the new releas date?

Mid-September. As mention before about SRT files...the company in charge of that has to complete it first.

7: Will we be notify of updates? 


8: What about the hacking situation? Is that settled?

From what we were told yes. 

9: Does this set back affects other places?

Yes it does. All 165 countries And online sites as well.

10: I already told everyone the film was coming out, what am I suppos to do now?

The best thing is to be honest with them. Remember none of it is your fault.

11: Will the film come out on sites that I watch my movies?


12: Is it possible that the film may come out earlier?

Yes there is a huge chance that can happen but for now Mid-September is what we was told.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Updates with new trailers and info on festival locations will be shared.

Update: By Mid September or even early will be The Film will be released. Plus in 2 weeks Trailer #3 will be released as well. Stay tuned and hold tight it will be out very soon. 

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