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“Tell Me(Lies)” & “Room 702” Toby Gribbon Show.

On Your Shout Radio Jesse Vega was on "The Toby Gribbon Show" promoting his latest single release "Tell Me(Lies)"on his upcoming music video will be released April 7,2023. The visual will be taken in an account as a short-movie. Jesse talked to Toby on how it's the first visual where his fans will get to see him be vulnerable. He says it's deep and personal and people will get to see within the visual what he wanted to say.

In addition, he been getting his hand on the Director suite for the last year directing his first ever short-film titled "Room 702". The film, was in production end of 2021 with a post production throughout 2022. Now, after a whole year the film will be released sometime 2023.

During the end of the interview he did announce he is working on his upcoming third album. He delves into talking about he's been working on his next project for the last 3 years and will continue to work to perfect the project that may be due end of this year. The album will be held by his 2 latest singles "Seras Tu" that was the winner of the 2022 LDM Radio Award for Latin category. As well, "Tell Me(Lies)".

Full interview below

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