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"Tell Me(lies) -Official Trailer Debut April 7,2023

The Official Trailer of "Tell Me(Lies)" has just been released and it's a romantic-drama. Which, has been inspired to Justin Timberlake's 2006 visual of 'Whats Goes Around Comes Around". The short-movie as Jesse described it will be the first piece of in depth visual from his upcoming single off his third album due 2023. The music video has been directed/produced and starred JESSE VEGA playing the lead role "Chris". Gian Dicostanzo as 'Allen" the love interest and Danae Balladeers as a undisclosed role.

The production is under J-V3GA Productions in collaboration with Artekai Productions as their 2nd music video since 2022 "Alice" music video. With co-director Virgo Beauty. The visual will debut on April 7,2023.

View Here

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