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“Tell Me(Lies)” New Single 01.02.23 New Album “Closure” T.B.A.

2023 will be starting to go on the right foot as Jesse Vega has revealed a brand new single that will be the theme of what his third upcoming titled album "Closure" will be about. "Tell Me(Lies)" is a pop/r&B mid-tempo track written by Daniel Rodriguez. Whom, was also responsible for Jesse's 2017 record "Take It Away" on his debut album "MICROPHONE" which will be released on January 2, 2023. The record,

is produced by INV3RT and it's been told it will tie in with a mini music video Short-Film.

Jesse Vega states his new album along with this single will be more personal, raw and will have in depth songs that he want to share that has not been shared in years. In addition, it will be a new musical direction aside from the dance-pop records. "Closure" will be about having a open ended conversation within himself on understanding the true meaning of letting go of the past and being in content of moving forward to a new chapter. Its will be about lost- lost, expressing the yearning of missing someone and also having the confidence to be good in your own.

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