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Snap-Shot Of Jesse In The Booth #HappyThanksGivingDay

Earlier this morning On Thanksgiving Day Jesse gave his fans a snap-shot of him giving thanks and love to his #V3GATRONS on showing him love each & every step of the way from all he does from his art and talent in Music,Dance,Film and more. He says he gives a treat to let his fans know he been working in the studio and working On producing projects to give more then what he gave in 2020. For 2021 to be bigger and better. So for that he gives a gift of gratitude of sharing the love.

“Im thankful to know that I can continue To challenge myself on being the best self I can be than what I was many years ago. No matter how far I have come I continue To evolve to be better than ever”.

Always knowing you can do anything if you put your mind to it. No idea is never big or small it is possible to make it come to reality if you put faith, passion, and most importantly LOVE!

Thank U to my #V3GATRONS here is a snap-shot of one of the few things im working on behind closed doors. #NewMusic #NewRecords #NewProjects #NewFilms #MoreLaughs & More Jesse Vega a.k.a J-Ho!

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