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Seras Tu Hits #4 LDM Radio Entry Chart

For the first time ever Jesse Vega first entry in the LDM Radio has peaked Top5! at #4! For the Latin category “Seras Tu”. This is the first time Jesse entered for week 1 at a strong peak at Top5. In the last 2 first week entries Jesse has peaked back in 2019 “He’ll Never Be Me” Top 20 at #19 & 2018 “Take It Away” #9. Both records were in the Pop Categories. “Seras Tu” is the first record in Jesse’s entry for a Latin Record to hit strong at that number. “For U” did not managed to crack the Top10 but has made it to Top15/20. LDM Radio has 35 more weeks before the voting closes in Feb/March to find out who the finalist are to nab the win of the 2022 Finalist.

This years Top10 charts is being owned by 4 Pop artist and 3 country artist.

view below

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