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Seras Tu hits 1K Apple Music Stream since 2018.

“Seras Tu” is the latest and first release record off Jesse Vega’s latest project. With a Bi-lingual dual release of “Seras Tu” and English “For U” to be released through streaming platforms. So far for the first time since 2018 it has hit 1,000 Apple Music Streams. Ever since 2018 “Keep Watching Me” was the last release to hit 1K streams from the 2019-Who I Am sophomore album. Now, “Seras Tu” becomes the first Spanish record to become #3 most popular in Apple Music as the single in Spotify half away from 1,000.

Here is some major milestones

-Seras Tu makes #1 for 3 weeks on LDMRadio in August

-Seras Tu Makes #1 in Apple Music for a week for most popular

-Seras Tu bounce #1 and #2 on Spotify for weeks

-For U makes a huge leap of 32 spots at #4 on LDMRadio

Make sure you vote for it on LDM Radio currently the Spanish single fell off Top10 for week of Oct 15 but “For U” has made Top5 at #4.

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