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“Seras Tu” hits #1 on LDM Radio as “For U” follows at #2 for month of July

Ending the month of July with back to back milestones for Jesse Vega. For the week ending of July 30 2021 “Seras Tu” has nabbed a Number 1 spot and lead in the Latin Category after dominating Top5 for 3 weeks. This is the first major achievement milestone for Jesse Vega to hit lead in a record like “Seras Tu”. Another huge achievement after 2 weeks total in the chart the English B-side version of the single “Seras Tu” “For U” holds strong at #2 behind the single version. This is the first time in the category of Pop for Jesse to hit a huge milestone for Pop! While “Take It Away”(2018) peaked #4 and “Hell Never Be Me”(2019) peaked #12.

The battle continues as we shall find out the total amount of votes for the month of July and who leads Top50 for July tallies. Only 7 more months to go till the voting closes and we find out who becomes the finalist to battle against “Artist of The Year” 2022!

Here is where you can vote

Seras Tu(Latin)

For U(Pop)

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