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Seras Tu/For U Nominated for Latin & Pop category!! 6th Annual LDM Radio Music Awards.

On Friday March 4,2022 the announcement of the 6th annual LDM Radio Music Awards has revealed that Jesse Vega is nominated in both the Latin & Pop Categories for his records “Seras Tu” & “For U”. This will be the first nomination for Jesse Vega to be considered a nominee in the Latin Category. As “Seras Tu” as been dominating the Latin Category leading for 30 weeks. It first peaked back in July 14,2022 at Top5 at #4 while it‘s last entry was Top10 at #8 coming in 3rd place for the week of March 4,2022 in the Latin Category. As for the overall tallied votes for the Popular vote for the month of February “Seras Tu” became the Most votes at #2 leading Latin. For the Pop Category “For U” enter the chart at #10 back in July 25,2022 coming 3rd place on its first entry and ended Top10 at #9. Within the overall tallied votes for the month of February it came in leading the Pop Category at #4. Becoming the first time in 36 weeks to lead LATIN/Pop category for the month votes in February! This is not the first time Jesse has been considered for the Pop nominee as he was back on his first induction back in 2018 with “Take It Away” and 2019 “He’ll Never Be Me”.

It’s been predicted if continued at the rate he is going he has a good chance to snatch the Latin category on a easy stream since he was dominating for 31 weeks. The Pop category has been coming in with a 50/50 chance as the Pop category has some top contenders between Jae Sam “This Time” and Laris Maris “Who Am I “. If Jesse wins the Pop category he will be winning both Latin and Pop respectively.

below is the achievement stats within 32 weeks of a run July-March.

July 2021-March 2022 Milestones

30 weeks Leading Latin

7 weeks Leading Pop

6 weeks LATIN & Pop Dominate

4 weeks LATIN #1

4 weeks Pop #2

2 Holidays Dominating Latin & Pop

Christmas Dec 25 & Valentines Jan 11

Month of February

leading Latin/Pop for the month simultaneously

for the first time

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