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Seras Tu & For U makes Four Weeks Dominating Latin & Pop

For the week of the Christmas Weekend Jesse Vega makes yet again another leap of faith and headed his way back for a Fourth week in a row Top3! Both “Seras Tu” (Latin) and “For U(Pop) is dominating both categories for The Week of December 24. So far Jesse managed to make old and new votes which made him Top3. Back at #1 is Artist Kerrigan La-Broy with his country record “Heaven Redeemned Heiress”. The competition is heavy as Artist Jae Sam “Adios” and “This Time” is in the running for both categories and competing against Jesse Vega for Pop category.

Only 10 official weeks left before the voting polls close and it will be time to find out whose in the running for Each category narrowing it down to your final 4!

keep voting!!!

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