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“Seras Tu” & “For U” leading Latin/Pop one week before Final Nominations!!

After a total of 35 weeks going on its closing finale of 36 weeks on March 4,2022. Pop/Dance recording artist Jesse Vega latest release of “Seras Tu” has been dominating the Latin category for a total of 30 weeks while “For U” in Pop has been in the lead for 7 total weeks. As we head to a final close on who will be the final 4 to lead each category for the win of “Latin” & “Pop” Artist of The Year. This week before closing Jesse Vega has been going strong for 3 consecutive weeks leading the Top10 in Latin & Pop!! As of Feb 25,2022 Jesse is Top3 at #2 “Seras Tu” and #3 “For U”. The week before that “Seras Tu” made it to number 1 on the chart as it was his fourth time Number 1! Now as week 36 approach we shall see where Jesse will land on its final chart before the final 4.

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