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Serás Tu Dominates #1 Most Popular on Jesse’s AppleMusic

Since the release of both records of “Seras Tu” and “For U” the records came in strong in the Top5 spot for the Most Popular Songs on Jesse Vega’s Popular tracks. For the day of the Premier Friday-Saturday “Seras Tu” enter top 5 at #3 while the English Version was behind at #7 but still making Top10. On it’s premier date “Seras Tu” was behind “Keep Watching Me” & “Beat Your Face:Remix”. Surprisingly from Sat-currently the Spanish version has been dominating the #1 spot for 3 days and now with the Video hopefully it will stay current for a whole week. “For U” managed to gain 3 spots up from 7-4. Cracking Top5 for both versions is something we love to see Jesse breaking his own achievements. As for Spotify both “Seras Tu” and “For U” has cracked Top5 but in retrospect “For U” dominating on Spotify at #2 and “Seras Tu” #4. With all this promo Spotify has managed to earn him 20+ new subscribers from 32-34 subscribers he is currently at 50 plus.

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