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Senior Living Web-Series “Vega411” Special in April!

Senior Living:The Series a self-partnership produced show between Buggs World Ent & J-V3GA Prod. has been making noise on the web. As of March 15,2021 Episode’s 1 debut in 72 hours has already made 200 views and it is 800 more till 1K! The series, will produce 3 episodes from March 13-March 27. Georgetta Buggs, the creator of the series will have a 30 minute special slot of “Vega411“ discussing all things “Senior Living:The Series”. Speaking about the creation/production/casting and some Behind the scenes details of a possible Season 2!. Jesse Vega will be taking part of the hosting special and it will debut on April 4,2021. One week after the finale series.

continue to watch/subscribe/support “Senior Living:The Series” available to watch right now on YOUTUBE!

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