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"Senior Living" gets GreenLit Production Fall 2020!

Back in Feb 2020 Independent Screenwriter/Producer and Actor of 'Kenny From The Jump" Georgetta Buggs is co-callaborating with Jesse Vega as co-director on an upcoming comedy web series titled 'Senior Living". The series, will take the audience on a 3 episode journey into the lives of senior citizens and there past struggles from Love, Deceit and even coming of age.

Casting has been underway throughout the spring and the submissions are looking promising. One of the first actors who nabbed a role is Singer/Songwriter and 2018 LDM Pop Nominated winner Fabian Cedeno. He has been confirmed who will be playing one of the head nurses who runs the Senior nursing Home who appears as a regular in all 3 episodes.

Stay alert for more updates on castings/productions and more coming soon!!

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