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"Room 702" (Official Trailer)

JESSE VEGA has released the official trailer of "Room 702" a J-V3GA PRODUCTIONS original short-film directed for the first time by JESSE VEGA. The movie tells a story of a 10 year old haunted hotel room possessed by a malevolent entity known as "The Pale Rider" luring people who rent the room to their death. Detective Sheryl Cortez played by Donna Glaesener becomes adamant to crack a case that may have a connection to Louis Rosario (JESSE VEGA) character whose been locked away in a psych ward calming he may know some information of his experience dealing with the entity.

The film will be released this year and distribution will be under way on the first streaming service to pick up the film.

Watch "Room 702" below.

Starring: Donna Glaesener, Jesse Vega, Kenneth Ferrer, And Geana Gomez.

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