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“Room 702” First Teaser Look!!

Last night, Jesse Vega executive producer and creator of “Fucked Up” under “J-V3GA Productions” just teased a first look of “Room 702”. This comes at the height of the success of the production company's first film release “Fucked Up” after making a whomping 1,090 views in a week! “Room 702”, is a suspenseful crime thriller directed, produced, and starring Jesse Vega amongst amazing cast members like “Fucked Up” Kenneth Padilla & Donna Glaesener. Below, you can see the first still shot teaser look between Jesse Vega playing “Louis Rosario” and Donna Glaesener as “Detective Sheryl Cortez”. The trailer is expected to be released under the J-V3GA prod. YouTube channel on July 5, 2022

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