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“Poor Unfortunate Souls” Becomes 2nd Most Popular Disney Cover & Most Streamed Apple Music!

November 8,2020 becomes the 1 Year Anniversary of Jesse Vega’s Disney Cover “Poor Unfortunate Souls” from the 1989 Disney Animated Feature “The Little Mermaid”. The cover by Jesse has miraculously becomes the second Most Popular Cover on the Disney Franchise by the release. As of 2020 the song gained 1.6K streams on Apple Music! this is the first time a Disney Cover by Mister Vega to gained the most streams since “Beat Your Face:Remix” (2018). Both the remix & “Poor Unfortunate Souls” holds the 1.6K streamed mark on Apple Music. In total “Poor Unfortunate Souls” has sold a total of 15 units sales including the streams! “I Put A Spell On You” currently still holds the #1 spot as most purchases single as 40 units! Here is the new bracket states in the position of Jesse’s catalogue.

MOST Streamed

Beat Your Face Remix 1,647

Poor Unfortunate Souls 1,623

Im Gonna Show You 1,100

Take It Away 1,015

Keep Watching Me 1,000

I Put A Spell On You 843

Apple Music

Im Gonna Show You-1100 19 Purchased

Beat Your Face-Remix-1,634 16 Purchased

Poor Unfortunate Souls-1,623 15 Purchased

Keep Watching Me-1,019 8 Purchased

Take it away-1,015 8 Purchased

Beat Your Face-555 14 Purchased

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