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Phoenix Rosario & Jesse Vega Crank Up The Studio with a R&B/Pop Urban track for 2023!

Jesse Vega posted on his Instagram of him giving a sneak peek in the recording studio with Rap/Hip Hop artist "Phoenix Rosario". They are seen in the room with dim colorful lights getting ready to record a track that has been told to be the follow-up single off his 2022 single "Seras Tu/For U". The record, has been talked about to be a R&B lyrically driven piece with a Urban element having Phoenix attached to the project.

The single, is slated to be expected to be pushed out for early 2023. No solid release date or whether their will be a music video but it's been talked about as a confirmation to be his second single off his Third Album slated for 2023!

Image shown here

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