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Let Me Music Video Cracks 1K Views!!

Just 4 days away from the Anniversary of the Cool-Breeze Produced record #LetMe the Annoucment comes out Loud earlier by Blog “The After Party Crashers” On the visual has finally hit 1,000 YouTube Hits!!

“Let Me”, is an Island pop récord written by Jesse Vega And released on May 12,2019 is the 2nd official single off the Sophomore Pop/R&B album #WhoIAm. The music video released on Aug has become the 4th official visual on Jesse’s catalogue to make 1,000 YouTube Hits since Jan 2019 “Take It Away”.

Music Video Over 1,000 Hits

  1. Beat Your Face:4.2K

  2. Im Gonna Show You:2.1K

  3. Take It Away:1.3K

  4. Let Me:1,000

Up in the running is “He’ll Never Be Me” only 110 views away.

The Music Video was choreographed by “Hayley Kiriazi” & Visually directed by Divoni Simon.

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