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Kenny Supreme Will be on A #HeartbreakOnCauldwell Vega411 Special!!

Pop artist “Kenny Supreme” has been confirmed to be on another Special Event Episode for “Vega411“. Back in April, Jesse released the first ever Special Event Episode with Georgetta Buggs on “Senior Living:The Series”. The Show has yet to be active on another season since it ended back in 2019 Season 8. Now, Kenny Supreme will be sitting down with Jesse Vega yet again to finally discuss his first ever self-produced pop EP “Heartbreak On Cauldwell”. The Episode, will discuss all things related to the album,heartbreak,relationships and even self discovery. The Episode, will be set to be release top of June in time for Pride month. Kenny, has some upcoming showcases dates coming up in regards to #HeartbreakOnCauldwell promo.

Stream/Buy/Share his album available on all music outlets!!

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