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"Just In New York" Signs on as a 2-Part Film Series! Production in 2021

Back in March 2020 it was announced Jesse Vega has signed on to play lead in an upcoming project titled "Brooklyn Nights" originally worked as a Musical Comedy now changed "Just In New York". As development continued to flourish it has now changed its direction to a suspenseful drama with elements of comedy.

The project, will tell a story about a young man named Justin who makes the huge leap of faith to leave his hometown of Nashville Tennessee to start a living in New York City in the home borough of Brooklyn by developing his gift and talent as a successful songwriter. By leaving his hometown, he begins to realize by trying to leave his past -behind him the trauma within himself to depart from his past becomes a tricky nightmare to deal with.

On top of Jesse Vega playing the lead role "Senior Living" actor and 2x LDM radio award winner Fabian Cedeno was announced months ago as Roberto the neighbor who plays opposite of Jesse Vega's character. The project, is being Executive Produced by J-V3GA PRODUCTIONS overseeing with a collaborative effort with Buggs World Entertainment. Screenplay is currently underway on developing the final script written by Georgetta Buggs. Who is also in production on "Senior Living" Season 1 web-series

"Just In New York" will begin production top of 2021. More details and cast announcements in the coming months.


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