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“Just IN New York” scheduled Production in MARCH!

“Just IN New York” a 2 part Film series Executive Produced by Jesse Vega and written/Directed by Georgetta Buggs(Senior Living) has put the green light on filming on location in New York City early Spring March.

The 2-part Film will be a psychological Crime Drama focusing on the main character Justin. A young aspiring song-writer making a heartfelt decision to leave the South of Nashville Tennessee to begin a start in New York City. Fighting off the demons within his past child-hood that begins to torments his current state of mind brings his life into a emotional mental roller coaster. The film, will also start played opposite of Jesse Vega playing (Justin) Fabian Cedeno(Roberto) of the show “Senior Living” & Georgetta Buggs. Casting for the project will be under way early 2021! For a scheduled Spring production!

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