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Jordan L.Sims Will Direct/Produce the Untitled Drama/Comedy Short-Film starring Kenneth Padilla 2021

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Jordan Lee Sims Director/Cinematographer and Producer has signed on to Direct/Produce and Associate Produce Jesse Vega's untitled Drama/Comedy under J-V3GA Productions starring Kenneth Padilla starring lead as "Dennis" and Jesse Vega "Roger".

Jordan is a Brooklyn-based Director/Producer. Much of his experience came from working in the Assistant Director Department on many large-scale productions, such as Madam Secretary (CBS), Elementary (CBS), and The Politician (Netflix). This has allowed him to learn from and work with some of the best of the best in the industry. He brings his large-scale production knowledge and experience to his own productions, to create as professional and high-quality a product as possible.

As a Director/Producer, he has experience with a variety of video types (short films, music videos, social media videos) and genres (drama, comedy, action). He is hands on from start to finish with most of his projects, from original conception to the final export.

Casting of the Short will begin Feb 2021 with Production in Spring 2021!

Synopsis of the short- A comedy/Drama about a young Man named Dennis played by Kenny Supreme Who discovers he has an illness and depends on the support of his 2 friends for guidance in his journey to mental insanity.

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