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Jesse Vega will Co-Host with Marcel The Artist for a Bi-weekly XoXo Showcase

Jesse has been busy the month of June performing and networking on many events as Covid-19 has locked everyone down for a whole year now we’re getting back up to what we last loved. Being around people seeing live entertainment and just having fun. Last week Jesse was shown at an Open-Mic night for Hell’s Kitchen venue Bar “XoXo” hosted & produced by Pop recording artist Marcel The Artist!. He promoted and performed his signature theme song hit “Keep Watching Me:The Remix” and brought back his roots with Jennifer Lopez “Get Right”.

That evening, Jesse went out to have a meeting with Marcel in getting together as he will be an upcoming Co-host for this coming Tuesday “New Now Tuesday“ an open mic night for talented artist to get onstage and showcase your talent. Jesse, will also be hosting with Marcel for the first time June 22,2021 for Pride week and July 1 for the first Thursday of the month of July! Which will be promo month for Jesse’s upcoming new single “For U” /Seras Tu”

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