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Jesse Vega unveils the track-list for #JesseV3GA

In 1 month from its official release of Jan 5,2024. Dance/Pop artist Jesse Vega unveils the official track-list of his 3rd upcoming album with a total of 12 official tracks!! The album will be 9 standard songs with 3 songs previously released as singles: Seras Tu, Tell Me(Lies) & Doing Me. The album, will feature 2 guest on the album as Bonus cuts!! Phoenix Rosary in the Rap Version "Tell Me(Lies)" & "Come Back ft. M Casiano.

The albums producers will be executive produced by INV3RT whose worked on his 2021 Disney EP "Forces Of Evil" and "Keep Watching Me:Remix" producer Vokido, Shaw-T Beats & Randy Whisky.

Distributed under TuneCore

Production company J-V3GA Prod.


1.I Miss U

2. The Fool

3. Tell Me(Lies)

4. Cloud 9

5. Seras Tu

6. Jealousy(Oh Na Na)

7. Not Going To Be Sorry

8. Calling On My Phone

9. Doing Me

10. Come Back ft. M. Casiano BONUS

11. Tell Me(Lies) Rap Versión ft Phoenix Rosary Bonus

12. For U(Remix) Bonus

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