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Jesse Vega to Produce and Star Lead on his first ever Romantic/Comedy Short.

J-V3GA Productions has been heavy in there produced projects from films and visuals. Their first ever short film is moments away from releasing “Fucked Up”. Is one of the first shorts to be released in 2022. Back in the end of 2021 J-V3GA Prod finished wrapping their follow up film “Checkout 2:The Key” which is being re-named to “Room 702”. No release date but it’s been tentative for a Winter/Spring of 2023! A trailer should be out later this summer. Now, it’s been spoke that Jesse Vega is eyeing in taking the reigns of producing and possibly Direct his next project which will be a Romantic/Comedy short film. The script is being developed and it’s being constructed by Conner Garner. More details on the project, casting and more. This is a major achievement to hear about this new development!

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