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Jesse Vega Preview Snap-Shot of Alleged song “Miss Vanity”

Jesse Vega has been busy these days as he just announced his 7 skit release of “The Golden Girls Skits” being release from March 1,2021-May 17,2021. A mini TIkTok skit on showcasing the best of the best parts of the 1985 comedy sitcom. Fans of Jesse have been looking forward to his new comedy renditions and so far it been nothing but positive reviews. Not only has Jesse has put out the skits he been co-producing and helping out an upcoming web-series his production company “J-V3GA Prod“ been callaboratibg with Buggs World Ent. On a comedy 3 episode series “Senior Living:The Series. The Series will Premier March 13,2021. You may catch Mister Vega in just about a few cameo scenes. From Acting & Producing shows he has been silently working on some new music. Posting snippets snap-shots and preview songs on his Instagram page/stories. A new snap-shot has been just been released in Jesse’s Instagram Story. It has been shown that this alleged song “Miss Vanity” is a New worked song he been working on. No details what type of song could it be or genre but this alleged song has been registered on BMI/ASCAP. We not so certain when will it be released .

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