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Jesse Vega On Set for a New Music Video [Summer Release]

Jesse Vega was hard at work this whole month from meetings for a feature length film production in July a Vega411 Special and being confirmed for June 12,2021 Brooklyn Pride. Now, he is back to the music scene as he snap shot a On The set image of him in a studio filming something very Fashionably correct. In the picture, he is shown with a very black and white flannel top with dressy black pants and shiny shoes sitting atop of a grand white piano.

The caption reads:

Watch Me as I approached this on every angle 📐🎥🔲⚫️⚪️ 🎹

——That Is A Wrap!!—-

If you not ready we’ll you better be cause Im coming with that NEW NEW this summer baby!!! 🎼

This comes as exciting news since Jesse has not released a new record since his 2019 Sophomore album “Who I Am” and his last usual in 2020 “Keep Watching Me” Remix. The Video is directed by Noheli Cortez a fashion Colombian Photographer who will be directing and accompanied the visual.

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