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Jesse Vega Joins “SAG-AFTRA” Union

The News comes as a major surprise as Jesse Vega Actor/Dancer and Recording Artist has revealed he has joined the SAG-AFTRA union for Based Professional Actors in Movies, Television, Commercials and more.

The Screen Actors Guild - American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA; /ˌsæɡˈæftrə/) is an American labor union representing approximately 160,000 film and television actors, journalists, radio personalities, recording artists, singers, voice actors, and other media professionals worldwide

Jesse Vega, has been a working based New York City Actor for about 15 years. His start began in 2005 in the JR,High Musical “The Wiz”. From 2005-2019 he began his start into the Theatre with numerous Productions from Political Plays,Holiday Plays and Off-Off Broadway and community plays. By 2012, he transitioned from Theatre into Screen with his first Short-Psychological Drama film “Checkout”( 2012)directed/Produced by John Glover. 2 Successful Additional shorts “The Ladies Room” (2012)-Comedy which to date is his most viewed in YouTube over 8.5K views and even his critical acclaim 5 time Short film winner “Silentious”. His other lucrative warm received films are “One Moment“ & “So How About That Fettucini”. In 2019, he got his next big break going from the Small screen of Internet stardom into Television with 2 “G Its Entertainment“ Romantic Drama Comedy films “Pride And Prejudice:Cut!“ Directed by Micheal Kampa and has won 4 Lady Filmaker Awards in Los Angeles and Canada. Following that was “Law Of Attraction” only released on Canada limited release.

In between his film career Jesse is also a established Recording artist who released 2 Independant albums “MICROPHONE”(2017) which to date has streamed up to 4K total streams selling 6 physical sale units and 78 Singles sold. He followed that album with his Sophomore album “Who I Am”(2019) only producing 3 singles and 1 of the singles managed to become his most streamed “Keep Watching Me” 1K streams.

Jesse has some upcoming film productions he is producing for 2021. Under his independent production company “J-V3GA Productions”. One of the films is a Psychological Crime Drama “Just IN New York” a 2- part short film series. The project will be directed and written by Georgetta Buggs and even the Drama Short Executive Produced by Jesse Vega “The Scare” starring Kenny Supreme and Jesse Vega. Written by As well Jesse Vega being directed by Jordan Sims.

Congratulations to Jesse Vega and we’re looking forward to the new year!!

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