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Jesse Vega IG Virtual Concert 05.30.20

On May 30,2020 Jesse Vega by request decided to do another Virtual Concert Live promoting his catalogue and honor some of the independent artist in the community. On this virtual concert he decided to share it with a special guest Kenny Supreme. In regards him promoting his new single "Be The One" debuting 06,05,20.

Jesse began the show with a pre-show with playing LGBT Rapper Marc Margiela promoting 2 of his records "Bring The Heat" & Cream". After the pre show he began to showcase his music. Starting with hits like "Im Gonna Show You","Keep Watching me/Remix. During the end of the first half he decided to acknowledge a big portion of his fan base the JLOVERS on doing a J.LO 6 minute Medley.

After the first half Kenny Supreme promoted his records 'We Run The Night","Deja Vu" and "Be The One"

After the intermission Jesse Vega came back and promoted his LGBT anthem record "Beat Your Face" with the remix. Closed off with a outdo performance of Lady Gaga "Alice" from the CHROMATICA Album.

Watch the full performance below.

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