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Jesse Vega Co-Host onThe Spotlight Show 04/13

On April 13,2022 Jesse Vega will be for the first time Guest Co-Hosting and being featured for the Season 5 premier of “The Spotlight Show” through MNN The Youth Channel. This will be the first time Jesse Vega Guest/Co-Host on the show. He will be on discussing his latest 2x LDM Radio Award Nomination “Seras Tu” & “For U”. As well giving the audience a sneak peek of his upcoming #ShortFilm project #FuckedUp. A “J-V3GA Production film directed/produced by Jordan L Sims. Starring Kenneth Padilla,Kelley Mcrea, Trey Cruz,Jesse Vega and Jeremy Pelican.

The release of the film is scheduled late Spring. Confirmation on dates will be released as the weeks go by.

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