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Jesse Vega Announce NEW Album “Jesse V3GA” self-titled released on Jan 5,2024

After 4 years Jesse Vega has gave a surprise announcement that his upcoming third album after 4 years self-titled "Jesse V3GA" will debut top of 2024 on Jan 5,2024.

Here's what he got to say in his Instagram earlier today.

“Jesse V3GA”


My first ever brand new album in 4 years that will be live top of January. It’s going to be a very special time because it will be released on the week of my birthday.  I’m very excited about this album because the creation of this Third album self-titled “Jesse V3GA” has been developed in the beginning of 2020 COVID Era till now. So many things happen to me personally from friendships,relationships good and bad to some self-reflection acceptance within my self. On what I cherish and value the most on the idea of having closure revolving around people can be good or  bad for the soul.  With moving forward on having good spiritual healing.  The album, will be very lyrically driven on some great feel good pop beats infused with an R&B Flo. Once you listen, you will realize the meaning behind the “3” in “Jesse V3GA”. Yes  of course is not only the usual 3 sides of me Actor/Dancer and singer but the album will go through 3 different phases revolving around relationship’s.  From being in one to ending that current relationship to starting a new one and from there will lead you to one emotional feel good of a vibe roller coaster. The music and production will be my 2nd Independant album under J-V3GA Prod. Executive produced by myself and produced by INV3RT & many more collaborations and features on this next work of art. You may be familiar with 2 of the singles that will be on this album like “Seras Tu/For U & “Tell Me(Líes)” and a brand new upcoming single being released soon by the end of the year.

Get ready for “Jesse V3GA” self titled on Jan 5,2024. Ringing in the new year with a new album and some great music. #JesseV3GA🪟🌧️📖 #NewAlbum #NewMusic #Singer #RecordingArtist #Pop #R&B #SerasTu #ForU #TellMeLies #JV3GAProd

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