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J-V3GA Prod. Signed Jackson Harris to Develop 2 Drama Based Scripts on Substance Abuse.

J-V3GA Prod. Is in development with a screenwriter named Jackson Harqis to develop two drama short-film scripts titled “Have A Drink On Me” & “Mother Dearest”

Jackson Harqis is a screenwriter known for #HandsOfBlood 2021 and #SlasherFM is head writer for 2 upcoming Drama films about substance abuse.

“Mother Dearest” (Drama/Comedy)

A home health aid worker Carlito gets a surprise visit from his mom. After loosing a connection due to her past drug abuse leads Carlito to be responsible for her care.

“Have A Drink On Me”(Dark Comedy/Drama)

Gavin, a struggling alcoholic gets news that a long lost family member has passed away due to alcoholism that leads Gavin to be conflicted to give up his addiction or spiral out of control of continuing his cycle of drinking.

@jessev3ga has signed on to be co-producer and co-writer on both projects having his production company oversea the project as a whole.

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