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"J.LO" 20th Anniversary Tribute Visual Jan 22,2021!

Just when the New Year begins to start on the right foot Jesse Vega surprises his fans and his fellow co #JLOVERS a snap shot of him on the set filming a Visual. Jesse aka" J-Ho" plans to drop in honor of Jennifer Lopez "J.Lo" Album marking it's 20th Anniversary on Jan 23,2021 has plans to release a dance visual music video of that iconic album. The "J.Lo" album became the first Album ti hit #1 on billboard alongside her movie "The Wedding Planner" back in 2001.

The visual will have iconic dance choreographic throwbacks of clips like "Love Don't Cost A Thing","Im Real',"Ain't It Funny and Play". The visual will be released on Jan 22,2021 get ready!


"I'm Real"

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