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I’m Gonna Show You & I Put A Spell On You boost in streams!

During the Instagram Quarintine At Home Concert Jesse Vega did on April 25,2020. Performing 5 #s from both his album “MICROPHONE” (2017) & “Who I Am”(2019). The feedback from the fans was remarkable. During the live segment 50 people joined in and show support to Jesse as he performed his hits from “Im Gonna Show You,Take it Away,He‘ll Never Be Me,Keep Watching Me/Remix & encoré of “I Put A Spell on You”. The fans were entertained for a 20/25 minute piece with intermission of Fabian Cedano looping “Codependant” & “Joyride”. After the live finished during that weekend both his original single “I’m Gonna Show You” & cover “I Put A Spell On You” boosted in sales!! Currently on Spotify is the #1 and #2 most streamed!

watch the whole IG Live story attached right here.

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