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"I'm Gonna Show You" Hits 1,000 Streams on Apple Music

Four years ago, Jesse Vega put out his first ever release "I'm Gonna Show You" and the world knew from that point his start as a recording artist show them what he was about. The single has become the 2nd Single off his roster since 2018 "Take It Away" hitting 1K on both Apple Music & Spotify. "I'm Gonna Show You" not only has hit 1K on both streaming platforms but it has to date sold 19+ single sales including the streams as Jesse's most Popular and #1 record most bought!.

The Music video to date is currently at 2.1K views and continues to go up. Jesse also announced that he has something plan for the #V3GATRONS in honor of it's 5th Anniversary of it's release.

To date here are the list of records in the running for 1,000 and beyond.


I'M Gonna Show You-1,100

Take It Away-1,015

I Put A Spell On You-585

Beat Your Face Remix-471

Beat Your Face-170


I'm Gonna Show You-1000 +19 Purchases including streams

Beat Your Face(Remix)-1,534 +16 Purchases including streams

Keep Watching Me-1019 +8 Purchases

Take It Away-1015 +8 Purchases

Beat Your Face-555 +14 Purchases including streams

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