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Giann DiCostanzo Will Play Opposite of Jesse Vega in an upcoming Music Video(Short-Film)

J-V3GA Productions will produce the next Music Video for Jesse Vega's music catalogue on his upcoming project due Top of 2023. "Tell Me(Lies)", was announced on Jan 2,2023 as the second single off Jesse Vega's upcoming third album "Closure" TBA later in the year. The visual, will be taken in as a mini-short-film Romantic/Drama. Actor/Singer Giann DiCostanzo has been added as the love-interest in the visual for "Tell Me(Lies)" music video(short-film). Giann, will play opposite of Jesse Vega and the visual will start production end of Jan-early February.

The visual will be filmed under a collaborative effort between Artekai Productions who previously filmed Jesse Vega "Alice" visual back in October 2022. Phoenix Rosary will film the visual with an assisted director by Virgo Beauty.

The single is available on all music outlets and stay tuned for the visual!!

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