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Forces Of Evil-EP Sells up to 10 Physical Copies(Streams Included)

“Forces Of Evil-EP” the first ever project distributed and pulled out from Jesse Vega showcases 6 of his favorite Disney Villian classic scores. The EP was released during October 1,2021 on Halloween month and it was accompanied by 2 singles “I Put A Spell On You”(2017) and “Poor Unfortunate Souls”(2018). Both single covers were released and gained attraction to being the #1 and #2 most popular songs entirety on his singleography!!.

As of 2022 the project that took 4 years to be produced and released currently holds over 7,000 total streams and over 53 units sold based on physical sales and streams!. “Forces Of Evil-EP” gives it up to 10 physical units purchased and has out-sold both “Who I Am”(2019) and “Microphone”(2017) with the most sales (not to mention with lack of promo)

Popular Album Project

  1. Forces Of Evil-Ep= 7,574 streams 100 Units Total 10 Albums

  2. Who I Am= 4,774 Streams 18 Units Total 12 Albums

  3. Microphone = 5,324 Streams 35 Units Total 5 Albums

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