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“Forces Of Evil-EP” Debut Oct 1,2021 First Disney Villian Project

Pop/Dance recording artist Jesse Vega has surprised his fans/supporters on a special mini musical project related to the Disney Franchise. “Forces Of Evil-EP”. The Project, will be the first ever released Extended Play paying tribute to his many favorite Disney related Villianous musical scores from many of the related films. The EP will be accompanied by 3 Disney Cover Compositions and 1 original record “Miss Vanity”. The project, will also have another Cover a sixth bonus track “Alice” by the 2020 Lady Gaga track from “Chromatica”. Jesse started releasing Disney related Villian covers as a single year to year drop starting back in 2017 “I Put A Spell On You”-Hocus Pocus 1993 feature film. Since then the record has become the most popular bought single up to 40 units and 1.5K streams. In 2018, the single was accompanied by a visual. On top of the music video Jesse released a follow-up cover single”Poor Unfortunate Souls”-The Little Mermaid which has become the most streamed at 4,000 streams and 10 units sold. He released a audio dubbed visual from the 1989 Disney Feature “The Little Mermaid”. Recording for the project began Nov 2019 and the ending of the recording process ended April 2020 during COVID-19 Pandemic. In the EP a brand new written track produced by Jesse Vega and musically/vocally produced Hip/Hop funk track titled “Miss Vanity”. Written by both Jesse Vega and co-written by Kenny Supreme. Is a new addition record produced by INV3RT. To date, the project once released on Oct 1,2021 the EP is expected to sell physical units by 5 physical sales within the 50 unit bracket and 80 including streams of 5.5K streams.

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J-V3GA Prod.

“Forces Of Evil”

Happy Halloween Month!!

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