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“Forces Of Evil”-EP 1 Year Anniversary

Happy 1 Year Anniversary to the first ever Disney Theme EP OF @jessev3ga Discograpy #ForcesOfEvilEP The 6 track project has signature @disney villain scores from #HocusPocus #TheLittleMermaid #TheLionKing and an original track named #MissVanity and the latest new single release #Alice

The EP produced 2 singles #HocusPocus #IPUTASpellOnYou released on Oct 2017 with a visual in 2018. The single, is his most popular and streamed off the EP by 50 units and over 2K streams.

To date the EP sold 10 physical units with up to 100 records sold!!! The first Ep to do such and ranks #1 overall most sold project!!!

1.Forces Of Evil-Ep 100 units(With Streams) 10 Albums 7.7K streams

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