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“Forces Of Evil-Ep” 1 Million Streams Worldwide

In 2021 Jesse Vega released his first ever EP. A Disney cover of some of the favorite Disney Villian classic scores. The first record cover was back in 2017 "I Put A Spell On You" and a follow-up in 2018 "Poor Unfortunate Souls". Both records became the highest selling records and singles streamed and physical units. The Ep became in fruition in 2020 when he released 6 tracks. The EP was distributed of the fall of 2021. To close the EP he produced a visual a year after of "Alice" from 2020 Lady Gaga "Chromatica" album. A "ALICE In Wonderland" theme visual.

Now 2 years later the EP has made over 1 million streams worldwide. In 2 months "ALICE" the final and third single off the EP will make 1 Year Anniversary.

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