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Fabian Cedeno Will Play Opposite of Jesse Vega in “Brooklyn Nights” LGBT Web-Series

The World has been going through massive changes due to the Corona Virus Pandemic spreading drastically amongst the citizens of the US. People are hurt in constant anxiety but that not stopping Jesse Vega on creating and working behind closed doors on upcoming projects that to await in 2020/2021. Just last week, he annouced his partnership with screen writer Georgetta Buggs on creating an Independant web-series for online platform through YouTube. So far, we were told there 2 projects in the works but one specifically will have Jesse Vega playing Lead for the first time in 4 years since his last produced web-series “Stars Dance:The Series” (2017). The series titled “Brooklyn Nights” will be his first ever LGBT Musical Comedy about a Gender-Fluid Show Girl from the south goes into hiding due to witnessing a murder. Jesse Vega is Executive Producing the project under Independant company J-V3GA Prod. Director/writer of the script will be heavenly by Georgetta Buggs.

Playing Opposite of Jesse‘s Lead character will be Recording artist/actor Fabian Cedeno. Fabian last acting project was back in 2018 playing “Hector” in the City College Musical “Women On The Nerve Of A Nervous BreakDown”. The play has persuaded Jesse to pick Fabian from the show on becoming a lead character opposite of Jesse Character in “Brooklyn Nights”.

Series is as we speak in development polishing the script and won’t be in production till late 2020 with a release by 2021. Details coming soon on the series and actors alongside.

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