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Dare To Be Different with Yaya Diamond -Full Interview•Sera’s Tu & New Show Dates

This afternoon Jesse Vega was interview for a 15 minute segment with Yaya Diamond in “Dare To Be Different”. The show, spoke on Jesse Vega’s start into the music scene,New Single dropping Friday with a Visual on Monday and surprise additional Pop-Up Showcases for July-September.

Jesse spoke about the single “Serás Tu”/For U” he states the single is a double single A. side. With “Sera’s Tu” as the official single with “For U” as the B. Side. He says the song is a love song telling the love of your life or significant other no matter what the circumstances you will come first and no one else it’s us against the world. The single, will be the first record release since 2019 “Who I Am”. The single will be released July 9,2021 with a music video on Monday the 12.

In addition to new music he just surprisingly announced he is booked for 3 additional showcases for July,Aug and September. On July 17,2021 he will perform for the first time premiering his Spanish Record “Sera’s Tu” for the 10th Annual Bronx Pride Festival.

Here Are His Show Dates

-July 8,2021:Xoxo Bar Show Case

-July 10,2021:Bronx Festival

-July 17,2021:10th Annual Bronx Pride Fest

-Aug 28,2021:Brooklyn 24 Street Festival

-Sept 19,2021:Brooklyn PR Festival

full interview below

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