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Cinema World Fest Awards adds- “Room 702” & “Tell Me(Lies)” as There 2023 Selections.

The Cinema World Fest Awards honors each year an independent producer/director or creator there content in revolving in films,music videos and or documentary. This year in 2023 Jesse has been selected for both self directed/produced projects "Room 702" crime-thriller short which got a worldwide release on June 19,2023 on K.N.G. TV Network as well as the Short-Visual Music Video "Tell Me(Lies) released this past spring in April.

Jesse has been familiar with the ceremony as this will be his 2nd year being selected. His first year was back in 2019 when "Take It Away" his 3rd official single from his debut album "MICROPHONE" got selected but didn't win any awards. This will be the first where his Acting projects and Music side has been simeutaneously appreciated.

The ceremony will announce the contender winners on June 30,2023

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