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“CheckOut 2-The Test” Cast Jesse Vega/Kenneth Padilla and Georgetta Buggs for the Sequel! Short!

J-V3GA Productions is gearing for a brand New Short film a Psychological Thriller to gear for a FALL RELEASE. “Checkout 2-The Test“ is a sequel to the 2012 Short film starring Jesse Vega playing lead as Louis is about 2 friends rent out a hotel room to find out the next day their is a naked woman in Louis bed speaking in riddles of dreams and how the dream world can become a reality to your waken state. To find out the girl is not who she says she is and in the end becomes the grim reaper to haunt Louis sleep. The Short, was Jesse Vegas first short originally written and produced by David Gloser. Now, Jesse Vega has decided to use his production company and screenwriter Bejamin Kerr To write out the sequel. The sequel, will continue from the last film 10 years later on how Louis and Jaemy now being played by ”Fucked Up” co-star slated for release 2022 Kenneth Padilla. Both end up in a mental institution ward and 5 years prior to there stay a police Detective played by “Senior Living:The Series” creator Georgetta Buggs Detective Denise Cortez who gets down by trying to get answers on cracking down the case between Louis & Jaemy on finding out there side of the story.

The film, is scheduled to be In production by November with Director of Photography Jerry Guiracocha (Senior Living). No word on a solid director but stay tuned for more details.

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