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Checkout 2-The Key Wraps Resumes Jan!

Its been a long 4 days of filming the crime/thriller sequel to the 2012 Short “Checkout 2-The Key”. The film, had just wrapped up filming on Dec 5,2021 one year ago when Jesse Vega who assisted Directed on Georgetta Buggs first ever web-series “Senior Living:The Series”. “Checkout 2-The Key“ has finished wrapping up the film but will resume for re-shoot takes and added scenes being left for pick-up shots on January 15,2022.

Congratulations to the team and production team of “J-V3GA Prod.

Director-Jesse Vega

Assistance Director-Georgetta Buggs

producer assistant-Phoenix Rosario

P.A-Virgo Beauty

Cinematographer-Jerry Guiracocha


Donna Glaesener -Detective Sheryl Cortez

Jesse Vega-Louis Rosario

Kenneth Padilla-Jamey Fuentes

Alan Berman- Mister Winston

KaRon King-Officer Daniels

Julia Cooper- Anastacia(Receptionist)

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