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Checkout 2-The Key Wraps Filming

After 5 days of filming “Checkout 2-The Key” wraps filming as the crew and production wrapped the final day on location at Nesva Hotel Filming pick up shots. Few images below the project is expected to have a suitable trailer for Summer 2022.

“Checkout 2-The Key” is the first directorial short film approach by Jesse Vega under “J-V3GA Production” stars in the order of the film.

Donna Glaesener- Detective Sheryl Cortez

KAron Andra- Officer Winston

Jesse Vega-Louis Rosario

Kenneth Padilla-Jamey Fuentes

Julia Cooper-Anastacia

Alan Berman-Mister Winston

Sami Gunther-Geana Gomez

John Gunther-Jesse Vega

Mariah(Mistress)-Madeline Casiano

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