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Checkout 2-The Key Begins Production!

This past weekend on November 20 & 21 Production began for the next “J-V3GA Productions” Short project titled “Checkout 2-The Key” began filming in Queens,NY at a hotel in Astoria. Attached, you will see some Behind The Scenes images of Jesse Vega for the first time as a Director since 2016 “Stars Dance:The Series” giving notes.

“Checkout 2-The Key” will be a sequel to the (2012) short by John Gloser. On a haunted hotel room killing residents in room 702 by a malevolent female entity known as “The Pale Rider”. The film, will be taking place 10 years from the last film and how Detective Sheryl Cortez opens up a 10 year old case on Jesse Vega “Louis Rosario” claim how he never murder his best friend that the entity told him and was sentenced to a psych ward.

The film stars Donna Glaesener as “Detective Sheryl Cortez”,Jesse Vega as “Louis Rosario” and Kenneth Padilla as “Jamey Fuentes”.

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